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VR; The Brand Perspective

Brands work tirelessly to tell their story in a more interesting, creative and convincing way than any other. Done well, this can increase their equity, done badly, it can damage the way consumers feel about a brand.


VR has huge potential for brand storytelling. No other medium has the ability to affect every human sense in the way that virtual reality can, temporarily pausing a consumer’s ‘real world’ and immersing them in a new narrative created with them in mind. For example, if your packaging is designed to look like a starry universe, VR can send your viewer into outer space, telling the story of the product’s innovation, heritage and craftsmanship in a way far more compelling than text on the back of a cardboard box.


Like any other creative marketing challenge, what is the right experience will depend on the budget, consumer profile, product or service and timeline. That said, there are distinct advantages. Unbound by any traditional limitations, VR gives us the opportunity to create the perfect brand world through graphics, film, CGI and interactive programming. As long as their sensory expectations are met, participants quickly forget they are in an imaginary world.


And it’s becoming ever easier to transport consumers into these fictional worlds. In the last few months alone Facebook and YouTube have evolved their platforms to playback 360 VR video directly in their app and desktop newsfeeds. So now VR content can reach huge audiences as quickly and easily as an image posted on Facebook.


Despite becoming more accessible every day, it’s still safe to assume that right now, 99% of people haven’t experienced virtual reality yet. So if they move fast, brands have a real opportunity to make their mark and be the first to create a ‘wow, how can I get more of this reaction’. With big rewards for those who get it right. 

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