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What VR could mean for Ecommerce

In Shopper Marketing, we talk a lot about the moment of inspiration; shopper missions and micro moments to disrupt the shopper journey and put people on the path to purchase. But with 98.4% of given over to white space, the weekly shop is the highlight of nobody’s week. People often can’t get off retailer sites quick enough.


But VR in Ecommerce could rewrite the rules…


Right now, Savvy is exploring what VR in Ecommerce could mean for many of our clients. We’re finding that although Ecommerce is functional and does its job as a tool to complete a task, it doesn’t do much else. Incorporating virtual reality into what is traditionally a dull environment provides much needed inspiration at the point of purchase, and easily sets retailers apart from their competition. VR adds a level of information that can’t be conveyed in pictures or words; narration, interactivity, animation, CGI and film all seamlessly come together to give a complete view of a brand or product. Imagine as a consumer seeing what you could cook, wear, drive or where you could travel to as though you were actually there.


What VR could look like in…


…Grocery retail

Imagine not only being able to see where the fruit you’re about to buy comes from, but picking it off the tree yourself.



Imagine seeing how the latest trends look on you before you add them to basket.



Imagine experiencing first class treatment from a luxury airline before you’ve even booked the tickets.


Virtual reality could make it possible for consumers to test drive products and services before they pay for them. And with consumers’ expectations when it comes to online shopping rising all the time, an early adoption of VR in Ecommerce could be the perfect way to match those expectations and keep pace with shoppers’ spending habits. 

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