Boost to Father’s Day spending expected, with sales set to hit £834m

Alastair Lockhart

Wed 12th Jun 2019


Findings from Savvy’s latest research indicate that 53 percent of UK shoppers’ plan to get involved with Father’s Day.

Father’s Day marks the end to a busy first half of calendar events for retailers, during which we have seen strong growth in events sales, significantly outperforming the overall market. Total spending on Father’s Day celebrations is set to reach £834m in 2019, up 4.4 percent on the previous year.

In line with other events this year we’ve seen discount retailers step up activity and more shoppers turning to social media for gift inspiration.

Key findings:

  • Of the shoppers getting involved in the event:
    • 50 percent are male shoppers; 54 percent are women.
    • Shoppers aged 18-24 are most likely to getting involved (75 percent) followed by those aged 35-44 (66 percent).
    • 54 percent of shoppers in London will be celebrating the occasion compared with 50 percent across the rest of the UK.
  • Among shoppers planning to get involved with Father’s Day:   
    • Spending more this year is the plan for 40 percent.
    • 69 percent agree that they ‘don’t mind spending more’ to make Father’s Day special.
    • 75 percent say they consider it a special day with 71 percent citing it being a day which the family spends together. 62 percent also say they look forward to it. 
    • 65 percent consider Father’s Day products in shops ‘boring’ and lack inspiration – noteworthy that 57 percent say that they would spend more on Father’s Day if better gifts were available.
    • Shoppers aged in the 18-34 bracket are much more likely to spend more (79 percent), plan (76 percent) and shop online (82 percent) than any other age group.
    • 44 percent plan on eating out this Father’s Day – though this rises to 63 percent for those living in London.
  • How Father’s Day shopper’s will be spending:  
    • 60 percent will be going online to shop for gifts this Father’s Day.
    • Of the gifts shoppers expect to give: A card is by far the most popular purchase (61 percent), followed by chocolates (23 percent) and a book/CD/DVD (20 percent). A meal at a restaurant is on the list for 19 percent, closely followed by the gift of beer – 17 percent. 
  • Shoppers are getting their inspiration for Father’s Day presents from:
    • The supermarket which was the go-to place for 51 percent. In second place is Amazon with 45 percent followed by Google, 31 percent.
    • Word of mouth via friends and family still plays a key role – 19 percent.