Halloween sales fall from highs of 2021

Alastair Lockhart

Mon 31st Oct 2022


Savvy’s recent Shopper Panel research (Oct 2022) shows the value of the Halloween market is set to fall by 7%.

Increasing sales of spooky costumes looks insufficient to offset a decline in spending on food and drinks for parties. Savvy estimates the total value of the Halloween retail market to be £473.8m* in 2022.

While the cost of living crisis has supressed demand a little, the main reason for the decline is the tough comparative in 2021, which benefited from a post-COVID boost.

Key findings from Savvy’s research include:

  • 37% of shoppers plan to get involved in Halloween this year – down from 40% in 2021, which benefited from a post-pandemic boost
  • 66% think it’s important to make the most of events like Halloween during the cost of living crisis
  • While only 17% of us plan to have a Halloween party, 80% intend to buy sweets for trick or treaters, 54% expect to buy a pumpkin and 48% say they are going to watch a spooky film
  • 37% expect to go out trick or treating, raising to 59% among older families
  • 61% want to be able to buy sustainable products for Halloween
  • 68% would rather buy Halloween products from smaller or local retailers
  • 30% will be looking for personalised products – the lowest level of any calendar event
  • Supermarkets remain the dominant source of Halloween inspiration, with 84% planning to get ideas from a supermarket store
  • Tik Tok emerges as a key source of Halloween inspiration for under 35s, mentioned by 57%
  • 69% say that social media is the best place to get ideas for Halloween, rising to 82% among under 35

If you’re interested in this or any of Savvy’s broader event research please get in touch.

*  in 2022 Savvy changed the way it calculates market sizes to more accurately reflect the whole range of products bought by shoppers across all retail channels.