Mother’s Day sales set to fall as shoppers opt to eat at home

Alastair Lockhart

Fri 10th Mar 2023


After record breaking Mother’s Day sales for retailers and restaurants last year, spending on the event is forecast to decline by 14% – down to £1.28bn, according to Savvy’s latest research.

While spending on cards and jewellery are set to hold up, shoppers are planning to cut back on beauty products (down 24%) and chocolates (-12%). Sales of food and drinks are expected to decline by 13% as families opt for home cooked meals over eating out. 73% of those celebrating Mothers Day will have a meal at home.

Overall 63% of shoppers will be celebrating Mother’s Day in 2023.

62% of those getting involved plan to buy a card, while flowers remains the most popular gift, on the shopping list of 43% of buyers. 37% say they’ll buy chocolates and 18% intend to create a handmade gift.

When it comes to gift inspiration, supermarkets are most shoppers’ first port of call (51% expect to find gifts in a supermarket). But for younger shoppers social media is the place to find gift ideas. 54% of 18-34s say social media is there first port of call, while 34% expect to find Mother’s Day inspiration on TikTok.