Savvy & Google’s Shopper Marketing Event


Fri 3rd Jul 2015

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This week we had our first exclusive Savvy & Google Shopper Marketing Event. It showcased the way shoppers buy groceries online and highlighted the key drivers to optimise return on marketing spend – we had a great turn out on what was the hottest day of the year so far.

Our Insight Director, Alastair Lockhart opened proceedings by providing a deep dive into the key findings from our largest ever insight project into online grocery shopping. Savvy questioned over 1,000 online shoppers about their purchase habits and attitudes in conjunction with a programme of fully eye-tracked accompanied shops. As well as talking through the key statistics, videos were shared highlighting the challenges and frustrations shoppers experience when completing their online shop. Alastair also shared heat maps from the research, which showed how even simple changes to the design of online media can have a substantial impact on effectiveness. He concluded the first session by taking a look to the future, sharing insights into shoppers’ appetite for emerging digital technology.

James Lunn, our Managing Director, then presented some of the latest ways brand marketeers can unlock the potential of Digital Shopper Marketing – from getting the little things right to delivering inspiration in time and in the right way. He went on to share multi award-winning work and effective strategies to be added to the shopping list both on and offline, though a shopper centred approach to omni-channel marketing.

Next up were three great speakers from Google who delivered how each of the marketeers in the room could continue to grow their brands and businesses with Savvy and Google. Mafalda Franco Frazao explained exactly why e-commerce should not only matter, but be each and every brands obsession. The Google team went on to talk through the array of tools and strategies available to own the digital shelf, and demonstrated each of them – in relation to the insights Savvy had uncovered through the online grocery study.

With a mix of delegates from many of the UK’s leading FMCG businesses, during the event, we maximised the opportunity to gain some industry insights through a short survey of the attendees.

Key findings included:

  1. Despite the growing importance of digital from a consumer perspective, our attendees’ companies currently spend an average of only 14% of their overall marketing budgets on digital.
  2. The cross-functional nature of digital was apparent in the findings too, with the digital, brand and marketing teams all perceived as being highly influential in shaping the digital agenda.
  3. Brand teams are perceived as being as influential as the digital teams. TV advertising, shopper marketing and online were stated as the most important areas of wider marketing strategies, according to respondents.
  4. Mobile was rated as neck and neck with print, highlighting the extent of migration from old to new media.
  5. TV advertising, search and Facebook were rated at the most relevant out-of-store media to shopper marketing. That said, overall, attendees cited a broad mix of media as relevant – reflecting the findings of our shopper study which showed that shoppers take inspiration from a wide variety of sources.
  6. Few would be surprised to see attendees rated market share growth and sales as the most important KPIs but it was interesting to see brand loyalty in third place, somewhat behind.

More news from our event and the full findings will be released next week. Until then, if you would like to know more please do get in touch.


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