UK shoppers plan to spend more this Mother’s Day


Thu 23rd Mar 2017

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Research finds 26% of UK shoppers plan to spend more this Mother’s Day, compared to 2016 …but for most (62%) mums, it will be time spent with their family that will make their day special…

Savvy’s latest research has revealed Mother’s Day spending plans for UK shoppers. The survey (of 1,000 household shopping decision makers) indicates 66% of shoppers will be getting involved in the event this year.

News that just over a quarter of shoppers plan to spend more on Mother’s Day this year will be welcome news for retailers. Mother’s Day is one of the biggest events of the year, and one that many retailers have increased their focus on in recent years. The likes of discounters and pound shops continue to help drive the market through larger and more sophisticated ranges, while the premium end of the market has benefited from NPD in areas such as beauty and quality chocolate.

Key findings:

Who and how will shoppers be celebrating the event?

  • 66% of UK shoppers are planning to celebrate Mother’s day this year.
  • Women remain more engaged in celebrating the event than men – 72% compared with 57% respectively and this year men are less involved than last year (down 4% on 2016 figures).
  • 79% of all shoppers planning to get involved agree that Mother’s day is a special event and 59% are looking forward to the day.
  • 51% agreed with the statement that ‘Mother’s day is a day we share with all generations of the family’ and 64% agreed that it was a day that the family spends together.
  • Planning in advance what shoppers are going to buy for the event is less likely this year – 44% versus 55% last year.
  • 31% of shoppers said they would leave buying gifts and cards to the last minute.
  • Organising presents for others is a task for 32% of shoppers e.g. a partner or partners mother, however 22% of Mother’s have to sort their own children’s gift for themselves!

  • How will shoppers be purchasing gifts?
    • 45% of shoppers plan to purchase Mother’s day presents online – an increase of seven percent on last year.
    • As for buying in-store, 54% of shoppers agreed that Mother’s day products presented are ‘boring and lack inspiration’.
    • If better products were available (online or in-store) 40% of shoppers said they would be prepared to spend more.
    • Spending more on gifts this year is on the cards for 26% of shoppers – a significant 11% drop on 2016 figures.
    • Trading up – 21% of shoppers said they tend to trade up to buy more expensive food and drinks on the day – a drop of seven percent on 2016 figures.

  • Giving Vs Receiving – What are shoppers planning to buy this year?
    • Mothers would like, but don’t necessarily receive, handmade, more sentimental gifts such as a handmade cards and gifts, a homecooked meal and breakfast in bed.
    • Topping the wish list was ‘special time with the family’ – for 62% of shoppers. Receiving a shop bought card, flowers and chocolates drew second place with 23% apiece.
    • 32% of shoppers plan on buying a personalised gift.
    • 36% plan on eating out this year on the special day.
  • What do shoppers want from retailers?
    • Topping the wish list with 38%, was ideas for presents.
    • 36% wanted a good range of gifts to buy to suit different budgets.
    • A dedicated aisle for the event appealed to 29% of shoppers.
    • 13% of shoppers want all of the items needed to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner in one place.
    • Premium goods including cards, goods and flowers were also in demand – 12% apiece.
    • Personalisation – of gifts and cards were also of interest to 12% of shoppers.

It’s interesting that despite the growing scale of the opportunity, more than half of shoppers (54%) say that Mother’s Day products in shops are boring and lack inspiration. With retail expenditure continuing to migrate online, the onus is firmly on store-based retailers to give shoppers good reasons to visit their shops and to spend.

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