Unlocking the full potential of grocery loyalty schemes

Alastair Lockhart

Thu 12th Oct 2023


Grocery loyalty schemes are back in fashion, with most well-known ones having received major investment in the recent years.

The switch from physical cards to apps, the introduction of new features and the launch of exclusive pricing mechanics have all helped drive interest in loyalty initiatives. Meanwhile, 74% of shoppers report that they are actively using loyalty cards to help make shopping budgets go that little bit further.

According to shoppers, loyalty schemes do what they are supposed to do. 75% of shoppers say that loyalty schemes make them more loyal to a particular supermarket. 70% agree that retailers that have loyalty schemes tend to offer better value.

A digital revolution

A major driver of change over the past few years has been the introduction of digital loyalty apps. Particularly for younger shoppers this has been a massive draw. Among shoppers aged under 35, we find that 68% prefer to use loyalty apps over cards, while 77% say having the app installed makes them more likely to use the schemes. We know from many years of research that the need to carry around a purse or wallet full of cards was a big barrier to use for shoppers.

Of course the migration to digital has unlocked many new features for shoppers, such as interactive scratch card games, shopping tasks and, crucially, more refined personalisation. From the shoppers’ perspective this final point is key, with 87% of all grocery shoppers wanting loyalty schemes that are more personalised to their needs.

These are just a few of the many insights Savvy presented in its recent webinar. If you would like to see a recording of the webinar or would like to discuss the full findings of the research and the implications on your brand, please get in touch.