The reframing of Veganuary

Ella Baynes

Mon 6th Feb 2023


2023 marked the beginning of the familiar new year’s challenge of Veganuary.

In Savvy’s research, we observed an apparent shift away from traditional resolution-based messaging, with retailers framing Veganuary less as a temporary measure and more as a lifestyle shift.

This year, consumers had more choice than ever as retailers have expanded vegan own-brand lines. ASDA has launched its ‘OMV!’ range, Waitrose developed its first ever vegan dine in meal and Tesco expanded its frozen planet collection. Other brands relaunched existing lines, such as Co-op slashing prices for their ‘GRO’ range.

Own-brand was a huge priority for Veganuary 2023. For example, comparing ASDA’s 2022 versus 2023 Veganuary highlights the growth of own-label. Last year, the own brand was allocated a small square in the top right-hand corner. This year, own-label takes up two banners of the page.  The creative layout is similar in its imagery, colour and slogans, but the layout of the page has been drastically reorganised for the consumer.  

ASDA 2023 versus 2022

When considering the wider context of shopper habits, it is unsurprising that retailers utilised Veganuary to push own-brand initiatives. In Savvy’s recent Shopper Panel research (Janauary 2023), we found that only 3% of shoppers said they were participating in Veganuary. However, with 63% of shoppers planning to cut back their spending this year, it is obvious that consumers are interested in cost-effective solutions to the financial problems facing them in the new year. January is traditionally a time to cut back after the excesses of Christmas (75% of shoppers said they were looking to save money in January) and this need to budget has only been exacerbated by the cost of living crisis.  

Accompanying the expansion of own label was a complete change in the language of Veganuary. Below is Tesco’s 2023 campaign and 2022 campaign. Opting to not use ‘Veganuary’ at all, the 2023 banner emphasises a general plant-based diet. The call-to-action switches from see all to get inspired. Ease is still emphasised with the continuation of ‘your way’ but it’s no longer conditional to Veganuary. It marks a shift away from a faddish, limited diet towards an overall lifestyle change for the consumer.  

Tesco 2023 (top) versus Tesco 2022 (bottom)

With the cost-of-living crisis and rocketing inflation a major concern for most shoppers, it’s not surprising that ‘new year, new you’ 2023 was characterised by cost-efficiency, wellness and convenience. With retailers bidding for shopper loyalty, Veganuary provided an opportunity for them to assure customers that they are able to provide cost-effective convenience in a period of country-wide financial crisis.  

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