Diesel 5d Multi-Sensory Vr

Iconic fashion brand Diesel asked us to create an innovative and immersive customer experience for their new London Flagship store launch. Creating a retail first, we surprised Diesel customers with a 5D multi-sensory virtual reality thrill ride using cutting edge immersion technology.

Tying into Diesel’s irreverent and eye-catching ‘Fur me, Fur you’ seasonal window campaign, we used Hollywood grade CGI and 3D binaural sound design to create a fantastically furry world for the window campaign characters to inhabit. Riding on the back of one of the furry characters, guests flew through clouds, furry trees and cornfields as the characters whizzed past on trapezes and strutted their stuff on the catwalk, before hurtling down a ski slope and crashing back into reality through the Brompton Road store front.

We designed the event space to engage all five senses by creating subsonic transducer-driven furry monster seats for guests to sit on, along with customised haptic feedback vests to add a physical dimension to the sensory experience. To take it to the next level of immersion, we introduced wind and the scent of candy floss to fully transport guests into this furry wonderland.

Experiential VR gives brands an opportunity to create multi-sensory immersive experiences.

By using the very latest VR technologies we can create bespoke multi-sensory experiences that exceed expectations and push creative boundaries.

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