Geordie Shore VR Experience

With the new series of Geordie Shore coming to MTV, Viacom asked Savvy to create a daringly creative virtual reality experience, giving fans the chance to see, hear and feel exactly what it’s like to be a fully-fledged member of the Geordie Shore house.

In line with the theme of the new series “Radgie Rampage”, we utilised a mix of head cameras, fixed position rigs and binaural audio to capture a point of view experience for both a male and a female fan. Whilst in the experience, viewers are fully immersed into the world of Geordie Shore and are taken on a thrill ride from the post night-out taxi, to the after party, to the hot tub, before waking up in the unforgiving ‘shag pad’. The 360 content was secured with social media in mind, and our experience has been shared by MTV a number of times across all of their social platforms.

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