Talktalk Ufo Launch Campaign

TalkTalk paved the way for the next generation of broadband. Through a joint venture with Sky, residents and businesses in York were given access to the fastest and most reliable broadband in the country.

A key challenge of the partnership, later down the line, Sky would become a direct competitor for subscriptions. With further challenges to overcome driven by physical disruption to the local streets, we knew we had to win the hearts and minds of the local community in order to convert a higher number of customers than Sky.

Taking the revolutionary product we took a hyper-local approach by affiliating the brand with local community groups, sports teams and local events including sponsorship of Illuminating York. Our brand ambassadors took on the role of the ‘TalkTalk Community Squad’, driving engagement at these events as well as recruiting households for subscriptions door to door.

The through-the-line activation included the exclusive launch event of UFO held at York’s National Railway Museum advocating the revolutionary product whilst showcasing the evolution of telecoms and broadband.