Warburtons Protein Range

In a society increasingly concerned with looking good and feeling good, protein is a hot topic for consumers, with brands introducing protein variants into the mainstream market. Spotting a gap in the market, Warburtons became the first major bakery brand to launch a protein range, rolling this out into wraps, rolls, sliced loaf and thins. Baked with a unique blend of pulses and grains, the aim of the range was to keep the consumer fuller for longer without compromising on flavour.

Aimed at existing Warburtons customers and new protein fans, the challenge was to convey the key product benefits at fixture, educating shoppers whilst also driving sales. With no ‘above-the-line’ creative, we were tasked with producing the overall look and feel, opting for a clean, rustic look which calls out the key messaging used on the packaging. This was then developed into a suite of POS tools that were implemented across several grocery retailers, drawing attention to the new range.

The launch was a huge success for Warburtons. Within ASDA the range over indexed online, whilst Morrisons reported a 50% uplift on shoppers purchasing from outside of the category. Warburtons’ protein range aligns with retailer emphasis on health and wellness and driving back volume into the bread category.